Human Resources Consulting

Human Resources Consulting
  • Recruitment and selection process
  • Performance management system assessment and design
  • Reward and recognition systems
  • Employee orientation
  • Employee and labor relations, union contract negotiation
  • Human Resource system and policy review and development that are strategically aligned
  • Align human resource systems and policies to strategic direction

Client benefits include:

  • Improved quality and on-boarding of new hires.
  • Increase retention and fewer turnovers.
  • More attention is being paid to what matters most.
  • Ensure your managers are rewarding the right behavior.
  • More engaged employees with less grievances and grumbling.
  • The Human Resources function plays an important strategic role.
  • Better decision making on human resource decisions based on HR metrics.

Why hire a HR consultant?

  • Your organization does not have a formal Human Resources function and is considering setting one up.
  • Your organization is growing and you think you may need to get more serious about putting some structure to how you manage your human resources.
  • Your company wants to get a fresh and objective review of current human resource practices to make sure they are both effective and minimize legal risk.
  • A special project has come up and your organization does not have the time or resources to tackle it with current staff.

What I do

As always, step one is to talk about your goals and interests, so I will ask a lot of questions to clarify initial problems or opportunities. Step two we would develop action plans designed to fix problems, pursue opportunities, and maintain and build on strengths. Human Resource interventions are custom designed to address issues at all levels: individual, team, between teams, and your entire organization. Examples of specific actions could include:

  • Development of a performance management system that is aligned with the strategic direction and culture of the organization.
  • Assessment of critical human resource functions such as the recruitment and hiring processes leading to the development and implementation of improvements.
  • Mandatory annual supervisory training to ensure good people practices and minimize legal risk.
  • Develop some human resource policies or Human Resource Metrics to help guide managers and employees.

Step three is determining the impact of the intervention. Step four is determining if new actions are needed.


“What lies before us and what lies behind us are small matters
compared to what lies within us.”
Ralph Waldo Emerson

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