Bill Hendry – motivational speaker - Funny,
Insightful, Passionate

Motivational Speaking

Bill’s speaking brings together humor, wisdom and passion. He's passionate about unleashing the creative potential in all people and how each person can make a significant difference and create a legacy for which he or she can be proud. Whether he is speaking on the topic of leadership, personality preferences, careers, change, human resources, or performance, his enthusiasm is simply contagious.

Bill is an accomplished motivational speaker. He speaks from a wealth of personal experience from both the for-profit and not-for-profit worlds, and often shares personal stories to illustrate his points. Everyone can relate to his messages.

If there is any single word that describes Bill’s speaking ability, it's "passionate." He cares deeply about the subjects he speaks on, and it shows in the level of audience engagement. Bill connects with and develops a comfortable rapport with his audience.
Evaluation comments from presentations:

“How to Build a Great Human Resource Team” at the March 2007 meeting of the Kalamazoo Human Resources Management Association

  • “Excellent speaker, love to hear Bill present programs!”
  • “Excellent, knowledgeable speaker, great resources, good sense of humor, he should come here every year!”
  • “Bill is a great speaker and had a great topic that could be addressed to all industries.”
  • “I enjoyed this presentation immensely and would enjoy the speaker no matter what the subject.”
  • “Excellent! Speaker was knowledgeable, informative useful information and entertaining! Glad I came!”
  • Overall speaker rating: 95% rated Bill as excellent on “knowledge of subject,” and 96% rated him as excellent on “communicating the subject matter.”

“Hit the Ground Running” at a February 2007 presentation to the Traverse City Chamber of Commerce

  • “The speaker was VERY interesting and conveyed his subject matter in a straight-forward manner. Would like to have Mr. Hendry explore other HR issues and be a presenter again.”
  • “Great topic – good for new supervisor and for general career.”

Bill has presented to:

  • Suncoast Chapter of the Association of Legal Administrators
  • The Florida Bar, Practice Management & Development Section
  • Florida Council of the Association of Legal Administrators
  • Michigan Bankers Association
  • Traverse City Area Chamber of Commerce
  • Kalamazoo Human Resource Management Association
  • Traverse Area Human Resource Association
  • Michigan Society for Human Resource Management annual state conferences and leadership conference
  • Michigan Community College Human Resource Association conferences
  • Michigan Community College Business Officers Association
  • Human Resource Management Association of Mid-Michigan
  • Lakeshore Human Resource Management Association
  • Mid-Michigan Human Resource Association
  • Northeast Michigan Human Resources Association
  • Association of Human Resource Management of Greater Grand Rapids
  • Northern Michigan Society of Human Resource Management


“If no one ever took any risks, Michelangelo would have painted the Sistine floor.”
Neil Simon, playwright


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