Cleint Feedback

Client Feedback

“Congratulations, you really know how to put on a great workshop. In the midst of our national convention, your class stood out as one of the most appreciated. You have demonstrated that in the right hands, the Myers-Briggs material is an effective way to more clearly understand ourselves as well as those around us. Considering the thousands of clients our participants come in contact with, I feel confident this workshop’s effects will be felt far beyond what we can imagine. I wish you could have heard everyone raving about it afterward. It was beautifully paced, very entertaining, as well as highly informative.

Leslie W., president of national health association and conference chair



“I want to thank you for being the keynote speaker on the ‘Effects of Conflict and Methods for Successfully Dealing with Them.’ Your candor and knowledge of this subject were timely, insightful, practical and well received. Your presentation was an unqualified success based on the positive interaction with the attendees and the course evaluations

Joseph S., chairman of Florida professional association conference



“Everyone at the ‘Advance’ (retreat) certainly enjoyed your presentation. On our evaluation form that went out to every participant, your presentation received the highest marks of the day.

Jo Anne E., firm administrator of a law firm in Tampa, Florida



“The ‘Conflict Resolution’ workshop was a huge success. Thank you for a very effective presentation. I could not have imagined a better first workshop to offer. You will be a tough act to follow. The evaluations were very good. Most of the participants commented (raved) about the dynamic, wonderful, knowledgeable, and witty facilitator. Many suggested a longer workshop. You could say you left them begging for more!

Laura F. of a nonprofit leadership center in Florida



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Helen Keller

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